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Vertices Of A Triangle

Fostering Geometric Thinking - perimeter problem. Two vertices of a triangle are located at (4, 0) and (8, 0) on a coordinate grid. The perimeter of the triangle is 12 units. What are all possible positions for the third vertex?

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We survived the #bermudatriangle. This completes my visit to the three vertices of the triangle Puerto Rico - Miami - Bermuda #shipwreck #bermudaful #bermuda

Triangle Measurement Interactive Notebook Page - showing proof that the interior angles of a triangle have a sum of 180 degrees. So much better than just telling students. Show the proof.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

You Better Shape Up

Shape pack with craftivities for 11 shapes!


Here's a page for use with the book THE GREEDY TRIANGLE by Marilyn Burns. As the triangle changes its shape, students build each shape with marshmallows and toothpicks and record information about sides, angles, and vertices.


Triangle Song (the youtube page has songs for other shapes too). Great for teaching the properties of polygons :)


FREEBIE! This activity helps students discover the angle sum property of triangles by cutting off the angles of a triangle and pasting the vertices together, which meet to form a straight line (180°).


The CIRCUMCENTER of a triangle is the point in the plane equidistant from the three vertices of the triangle

A diagram of a triangle where the vertices are the first ground station, the second ground station, and the airplane in the air between them. The angle between the first ground station and the plane is 15 degrees, and the angle between the second station and the airplane is 35 degrees. The side between the two stations is of length 20 miles. There is a dotted line perpendicular to the ground side connecting the airplane vertex with the ground - an altitude line.