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If you know a homeless-WAR veteran call your nearest Veteran Affair's Office. They are located at your nearest Federal Court House. Homeless-war veterans are due benefits.


Veteran Administration Benefits: Explore All Options | Eddy & Schein | New York City Elder Care Finance Services Daily Money Management

Central Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers/Veterans Administration Home, OH, National Historic Landmark, Photo: Tessa Kalman: Central Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers/Dayton Veterans Administration Home represents an evolution and shift in federal care for veterans starting in World War I (1917) and continuing through the consolidation of veteran’s benefits and the establishment of the Veterans Administration in 1930.


Will My Fellow Vet Lose His Veterans Administration Benefits if He Uses Medical Marijuana to Help His PTSD? Dear Doctors, I am a veteran who has recently returned from Iraq. A guy in my support group was talking about how he uses marijuana to help with his PTSD (depression in particular)....Can I get in trouble with the VA and lose my benefits if I become a medical marijuana patient? Signed,Wondering Vet in Oregon