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Thumler's Tumbler - Supplier Of Professional Rock Polisher, Rock Tumbler and Vibratory Tumbler


Lot-o-Tumbler Vibratory Rock Tumbler

$28.00 (Buy here: ) Abrasive tools 1kg/lot polishing media for vibratory tumbler jewelry polishing tools vibratory tumbler accessories free shipping for just $28.00

Image: Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler by Diamond Pacific Tool Corp.


Wet Kits for Rotary or Vibratory Tumblers - 403-KW-20

Raytech 23-005 Polyethylene Bowl with Lid, 0.05 cubic feet Capacity, 8 Diameter, For TV-5 Standard Vibratory Tumbler * Startling review available here at - Baking mixing bowls