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Bennie Lee was a leader of the Conservative Vice Lord Nation in the 1970s and 1980s. When a riot broke out in Pontiac Prison in 1979 where Bennie was incarcerated, he and other gang chiefs were indicted for 15 counts of murder. He spent three years on death row before being acquitted and is now one of Chicgo's most prominent counselors. Here are excerpts from his talk to the Chicago Gang History Project. For the complete text of the talk.


The origin story of street-gangs always amaze me. They often begin as empowerment communities: "They intervened in gang wars and looked for ways to get kids and young men off the streets. They told kids it was stupid to be killing each other. The CVL transformed a pool hall at 3655 W. 16th Street into a place for Lawndale's youth and young adults to hang out. Their reputation grew around the country. Militant civil rights groups came to meet with them." on The Vice…


Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, 1st Baron Collingwood (26 September 1748 – 7 March 1810) was an admiral of the Royal Navy, notable as a partner with Lord Nelson in several of the British victories of the Napoleonic Wars, and frequently as Nelson's successor in commands


Vice-Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour (1759 – 1801) was a senior British Royal Navy officer of the late 18th century, fifth son of Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford. Known for being both a prominent society figure and a highly competent naval officer.Served during the American Revolutionary and French Revolutionary Wars and later in his career performed a period of shore duty on the Admiralty board. Descendant of Lady Katherine Grey, and collaterally, Jane Seymour.


Bobby Gore (Vice Lords)

Prince William and Kate Middleton head back to school: All the photos - HELLO! US

Thankfully, Kate and William had a chance to calmly chat with the Vice Lord Lieutenant during the visit.


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