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Victim an abomination that I am unwilling to tolerate. I find it especially disappointing that others are mean spirited enough to blame the victim in some sort of psychotic game on abuse boards in pinterest. It speaks to the kind of shallow, selfish, judgemental person we are all looking to avoid at this point.

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Lack of self control is what causes rape and not these scapegoat excuses society has came up with. #Rape

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Victim blaming. All too common. If someone is not part of the solution they're part of the problem. - narcissist_survivor

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In order to stop victim blaming, it is helpful to understand why people do it in the first place. One reason people blame a victim is to distance themselves from an unpleasant occurrence and thereby confirm their own invulnerability to the risk.

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drinking isn't a crime. Being drunk is not a crime. Passing out is not a crime. Wearing certain clothes is not a crime. Walking alone or at night is not a crime. Rape though, that's a crime even if over half our society doesn't bother to pay attention to it.

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