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Melbourne Hall, Melbourne, Derbyshire - The elegant stone hall, part 17th century but with fine provincial 18th century facade, is famous as the home of Queen Victoria's prime minister, Lord Melbourne & for its outstanding garden built in the early 18th century in the style of Andre Le Notre. The house contains a grandly carved staircase & fine Stuart portraits & pictures by Lely and Dahl.


1840 Blanche Georgiana Howard (1812-40); posthumous portrait in the dress worn at the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert by John Lu...


Lottie ShugrHed on the Victoria Derbyshire Show ( In September 2016, theShugrHed Kids were invited to appear on BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire Show to review the new trio of books by JK Rowling Pottermore Presents Pottermore reviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire...

Image copyright PA Image caption Barry Bennell has been convicted several times of child abuse Two more ex-footballers have told the Victoria Derbyshire programme they were abused as children by a coach. Jason Dunford and Chris Unsworth – who had "ne

This video explains the difficulties and dangers of leaving a religion like Islam. For most, sticking to the religious identity they were born into has more benefits. According to the relational choice theory, people will often settle for a religion because the benefits outweigh the costs.