Ignoring all the itty tiny curlies around the face... http://weheartit.com/entry/48846152/via/linxy_zn

Renaissance hair [does "Renaissance" refer to the historical era, or a "Renaissance Festival"? A fair has costumes & hairstyles from medieval to Elizabethan; Crusades to Celtic, etc.

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Another Steampunk set...Please? PETITION [Pics Galore!] 34 Sigs & Counting!

This steampunk hat is amazing. I love the black mesh train at the back and feathers sprouting from the burgundy sash.

Victorian hairstyles | gdfalksen.com

Victorian Hairstyles A collection of Victorian photographs ranging from 1855 - Edwardian Hairstyles Here [x]

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A Simple 1870s Hairstyle Tutorial and a Review of Mona Lisa’s Curly Bangs Wiglet from Hair World By Jamie

Vintage/Victorian hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Styles Gif. Long Down Wedding Hairstyles Take The Long Down And Bring The Fashion. Wedding Hairstyle Half Up.

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Ideas and Decor

12 quick and easy updo for prom night or any other occasion . If you wanna give a new look to your hair then try some these quick and easy updo hairstyles.