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Victorian Kids Nightstands

Amazing! See what this woman did with a NIGHTSTAND. (MS: What's even more amazing is that she makes these, sells them (for crazy-cheap prices, as far as I'm concerned - 100 bucks) and donates the money for a local-to-her homeless lunch program. (Pinning with link to real source.)) PS: This is actually a couple of years old, but still way cool!


Bonne Nuit Daybed in Choice of Finish

This is why I'm leaning toward a twin bed for my daughter and not a full. Trundles are so fun!

our little granddaughter is a precious little princess - someday I would love to redo her room - she & I both love this princess bed...we both are children of God's & are cherished by his love sent down from heaven above...


A Landmark Illinois House

Vuitton Colors: The gentleman's-club tone of son Daniel's room speaks to the teenager's interest in British history. His mother matched Behr paint and a Jonathan Adler Union Jack rug to colors on a Vuitton bag.

from House Beautiful

9 Unexpected Swaps for Traditional Nightstands

from Best Friends For Frosting


There are tons of resources out there for bedrooms, offices, and living spaces, but sometimes the kids get forgotten.  Children’s clothing is big business these days, with celebrity children oftentimes getting as much attention as their parents, and yet their rooms never get the attention they deserve! Kids’ style extends far beyond clothing. They too …