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Victorian Massage Chairs

In my fantasy home, periods and styles will somehow go into just the right room to create perfect styling. I get the feeling there will be a lot of couches! That's okay, this magical residence has unlimited rooms.

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chaise lounge chairs | New chaise lounge chairs – Chaise, Chaise Lounge, Indoor Lounge ...

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Battle Creek Vibratory Chair by the Sanitarium and Hospital Equipment Co., Massage Vibrator by the Battle Creek Equipment Co.

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Here's a quick video on upholstering (or reupholstering) a bench.The full article, which includes more information about the project, plus some tips and instructions for creating your own pattern, can be found here: Part 1: Part 2:

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victorian barber shop chairs | ... barber shop beauty shop boat bank bar or cocktail lounge barber shop

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Ease your refreshed self into cushioned suppleness of buttery, warm leather. A myriad tufted pillows massage the back while maintaining an aristocratic demeanor. Prop your slippered feet onto the ottoman while you savor your morning news and coffee. Leather Chair 32x40x37". Ottoman 25x18x15".

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This 1936 mechanized Magic Chair offered multiple ways for a lady to slim down and become more attractive by simply sitting. She could slenderize her waist by letting it twist her side-to-side, work away bulk from her ankles, and, finally, massage her chin to a small shape while stretching her spine and correcting her posture.