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Victorian Room divider
An neglected old Victorian house has had a stunning renovation .. with a new lease on life it is now home to a young growing family. Some historical details were discovered and restored, ceilings put
door dividers | stained glass pitch pine room dividers
Parlour Secrets Room Divider    A magnificent free-standing original art work will transform a formal room into a stately drawing room in a manor house. Handpainted wood. 75 x 75".
Six Ft. Tall Olde - Worlde Victorian Room Divider, Width - 63 Inches
Rustic Room Divider Screen
Victorian room divider doors. White painted, two panelled.
6 ft. Tall Olde-Worlde Victorian Room Divider
1:12 Scale dollhouse solid oak fretwork room divider beautifully finished with a furniture grade lacquer finish.