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Videos of real mermaids

SEE, THEY ARE REAL!!!!!!!!! Mermaid Body Found | Chennai Mermaid / Tsunami Mermaid / Marina Wash Up Mermaid


Do Mermaids Exist? We Will Try To Answer This Question.

Here we just may have proof that Mermaids are real. Here we just may have videos and photos of real live mermaids, mermaid skeletons and a mummified mermaid. But is this evidence proof enough?


Under the Sea With Real Life Mermaid Hannah Fraser

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I do not own this video. It is originally from the site This documentary is so fascinating! It's about the possibility of mermaids on Earth, the Aquatic Ape Theory, CG depictions of mermaids during different time periods, and statements from scientists discussing whale beachings in the early 2000's and evidence found relating to a new "creature." Let me know your theories and opinions in the comment box below!