Type in any word and see a video of how to express it in American Sign Language. I use this site all the time to give the kids hand motions to remember long passages.

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YouTube may be somewhere you go to watch videos of cats or babies laughing (just me?) but it's a serious business and there are people making millions of pounds with their uploaded videos.

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Smarter Every Day shot some super slow motion video on a Phantom high speed camera to get to the bottom of what makes the ice hockey slapshot so powerful. Filmed at 3,271 frames-per-second, the vid…

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A GIF of a Vine of a Video of a Mechanical Flipbook of a GIF of a Roller Coaster

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DIY and video of how to make these adorable hazelnut mice! Great craft to involve kids in! www.renaissance-r...

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This graphic gives a very good step-by-step for video production. One of the most important things to do when in video production is to plan well: think about lighting, sound, etc. before you start taking the video. This graphic also gives some statistics to illustrate why good video quality is important.

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One of the most simple interesting wood working pieces I have ever seen. Brian Oltrogge MDF DIY CNC Grunblau

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Copper Sheet Thickness Guide--Great Reference includes videos of the various thicknesses or gauges

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