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A 1200 year old Viking shoe from the Coppergate excavations in York.

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Leather Viking shoes inspired by Hedeby excavations."Hedeby was an important Viking settlement in Denmark with the biggest importance from the 8th to 11th. It is situated on southern end of the Jutland Peninsula."

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Iron age shoes (previous 'viking shoes')

The best part is this comment: They ended up surprisingly comfortable for floormat shoes (where any comfort probably rates as surprising). with sock, the nerd factor skyrockets, but so does the genuine comfort.

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Viking Leg wraps seriously though since we are the Vikings I think our lax team should do this for games

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Shoe types found at Haithabu (from: Willy Groenman-Van Waateringe, Die Lederfunde von Haithabu)

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Martina Tenzer‎ - via Facebook group

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Making leather shoes. This is a 10th century Scandinavian style of shoe called turn-shoes because you make them inside out them turn then right-side out

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