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I just realised that I own the same shorts that Audrey Hepburn is wearing in this photo

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viking feast! Recipes included! Could have the boys help make some of these recipes for a feast at the end of their Viking unit.

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Viking Bear’s Tooth Pendant, 9th-11th Century AD

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“The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok will be spoken of as long as men have tongues to speak.”

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In keeping with the season, the following information covers other traditions we have today and their origins. Yule was a historical religious festival observed by the ancient Germanic peoples. Yule celebration predates Christian holiday and tradition by thousands of years in Scandinavia. The earliest recorded evidence to Yule is in the Germanic month names Ærra

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PBS Nova virtual field trip into a viking village. Explore viking artifacts, culture, and the secrets of norse ships

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