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Revel in the smooth milk chocolate, munch on the crispy golden centre...yes please! chocolate bar vintage ad 1950s

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1940. Now who could't live with out quick mix Hot Chocolate Milk. I know I sure couldn't.

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Remember ladies, it's fun to fool your husband! Give him high cholesterol for breakfast! Collect on his million dollar life insurance policy EARLY! Ha!

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Nalley's Beef Stew Ad, 1957 It takes real confidence to wear sleeve bows AND ruffles AND flowers to the dinner table. From the June issue of Western Family magazine.

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1950's Jell-O Octopus-"When I'm eating Jell-O I wish I were an octopus...because then I'd be able to enjoy all six delicious flavors at once."

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The most popular cracker that's ever been baked - and still one of the most beloved and delicious to this day. 1930s

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Velveeta Unless you grew up surrounded by Cheddar and Gorgonzola, this was the staple cheese in your household.

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tried my first packet of Maltesers today (I live in the United States) and it tasted like I am eating a chocolate cloud. These beat Whoppers by a landslide

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‘Tis the season to reward all the people who bring a little extra cheer to your holidays

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1950s UK Nestle's Magazine Advertisement

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