Mlle Urquhart. 1880s. This is everything i have ever wanted in a halloween costume!

50 Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

A thorough guide to hosting a Victorian Halloween party. here you will find tips on hosting an authentic Victorian Halloween celebration.

Vera Ellen: Halloween Pinup Pose

A collection of fabulous Classic Hollywood Halloween Photos Vera Ellen in an amazing bat costume and wearing a snazz.

And, NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. | 21 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Make Your Skin Crawl


34 Vintage Halloween Costumes For the Ultimate Throwback: Feel like you should have been born in another era?

34 Vintage Halloween Costumes For the Ultimate Throwback

Feel like you should have been born in another era? Dedicate this year's Halloween costume to your favorite time period and wear something vintage. Whether you love the classic swinging free-love or sometime before all of that,

Vintage Halloween Photo.  I think Halloween costumes of the past are the scariest things!

I like this picture because it is a real photo of old Halloween costumes and the picture has a sinister feel.

25 Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos

25 Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos

13 Vintage Photos of Scary Halloween Masks - PROJECT B - Vintage Photography, Photo-Based Art & Curated Projects

35 Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Costumes - Team Jimmy Joe

35 Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Costumes

Old school creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes that will give you nightmares. Scary, horrifying, downright bizarre and mostly homemade.

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These Old Timey Costumes Will Creep You Out

previous pinner says: Vintage Halloween. Either that or one ugly clown that would scare the hell out of me anytime, any day!

vintage Halloween photo costume costumes space aliens alien couple retro weird bizarre creepy

First class found photo of a couple at Halloween. Am I weird that I see this and get all wistful for a boyfriend. a boyfriend who would happily want to do costumes like this with me?

If You Get Through These 27 Vintage Photos, You Won't Be Sleeping Much Tonight

Masked figures from the “Wilde Jagd” Christmas folklore festivity in Salzburg, Austria- Krampus

Vintage Halloween -1967... THIS was MY first costume. I wore it in kindergarten!

OMG,I remember this costume when I was growing up. After minutes, your face was completely wet after breathing behind that plastic mask.