Italian Vintage Photographs ~ Historical Neapolitan pizza makers

Pizzeria, Family - The Fratelli pizzeria revolves around a family setting creating authentic cuisine. What better inspiration than to include an old authentic family photo? This idea can additionally translate to the website design.

when life hands you lemons . . .

The cutest vintage Fiat 500 and my lemon platform espadrilles 🍋💛 - 📷

Truogoli S.Brigida, Genoa, Italy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Truogoli S.Brigida - Genoa - Italy - Italy has to be the laundry drying on the line capital of the world - I took maybe 15 pictures of laundry in Venice

Ristorante e pizzeria "Da Ciro" a Santa Brigida. (sottotitolo- na sigaretta mocca, na mano dint' 'a sacca) Fondo Troncone  1934

Family - This is pinned from an inspiration of an authentic family creating a pizzeria. Fratelli does just this with their family-oriented pizzeria style of service.

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