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DIFFERENCES IN PLAYING THE VIOLIN AND VIOLA As I mentioned earlier the viola and violin are played in a similar manner. The main difference is that the viola is slightly larger meaning that you must place your fingers slightly farther apart when playing viola than on the violin. Since the instrument is larger is it also heavier and requires thicker strings and heftier bows. Viola bows generally weigh anywhere from 69 to 74 gramsabout 10 grams heavier than violin bows. One way to tell a viola…


Viola-No Squeaks

Viola-No Squeaks! | Great shirt for the violists among us. Great Gift! YES THANK YOU THIS IS AWESOME


The 22 Most Soul-Crushing Things About Working Retail

So in the high school orchestra I'm in, the Viola section is the largest we have 17 violas, 12 violins, 4 basses, and 5 Cellos. And it's great because we have a monster Viola section and everyone fears us!