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Virgil Walter Earp July 18, 1843 – October 19, 1905..rare photo he was 16. Virgil Earp was the older brother of Wyatt Earp and Tombstone City Marshal at the time of the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881. After suffering from pneumonia for six months, Virgil died in the town of Goldfield, Nevada. His remains were sent to Portland, Oregon at the request of his daughter Nellie Jane Bohn and buried at the River View Cemetery, the state’s oldest nonprofit cemetery, dating back to…


Rosella Dragoo Earp (born in France) married Virgil Earp in 1870. She was his second wife, but by 1874 Virgil had hooked up with Alvira (Allie) Sullivan. Virgil and Allie spent the rest of their lives together.


Morgan Earp (1851-1882) shot and killed playing pool at Campbell and Hatch's Saloon in Tombstone. Buried at Hermosa Cemetery in Colton, California.


In this photo of Virgil Earp taken after he left Tombstone, Arizona, his left arm hangs useless after being ambushed in December 1881, but fire still flashes in his eyes. He would go on to become a lawman in Nevada, Oregon and California. - Courtesy Jim Earle - via True West Magazine


Nellie Jane was the daughter of Ellen and Virgil Earp (Western Peace Officer & brother of Wyatt Earp). Description from I searched for this on


Alvira Sullivan Earp, Virgil Earp's wife


Warren Baxter Earp (1855-1900) – The youngest of the Earp brothers, he joined the others in Tombstone in 1880, but was not in the settlement when brothers Virgil, Morgan and Wyatt had the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Warren later joined Wyatt in tracking down the killers of Morgan Earp in the infamous Earp Vendetta Ride. Wilcox Cemetery, Wilcox, Arizona