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virgo and scorpio - Google Search

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Virgo and Scorpio by Zodiac Chic

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Looks can be deceiving...

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Yeah, you probably had no idea -- that is good. Run far, far away! Lol

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The Astrology Guru - Virgo compatibility with Scorpio

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Anyone who is stubborn and has had their heart broken is familiar with this phenomenon.

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Sabrina: Because people I tell won't expect it and think I'm lying anyways- or at least that's how I feel

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Nope. I'm like Scorpio...although I'm a virgo. And they say that Virgo's and Scorpio's are very compatible. I SHALL DATE MYSELF.

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Check out our #Infographic: #Zodiac Compatibility for #Virgo. Read more at

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virgo and scorpio - Google Search

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