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Virgo Horoscope Dates

Im actually on a Cusp and the dates always differ when it comes to which zodiav sign starts and ends! Now I have a couple of Aries traits BUT I am a TAURUS thru and thru!

Something you don't know about them: They really don't like working and would rather just sleep all day. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs

Taurus are usually outspoken and adventurous. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Horoscope | Taurus Zodiac Signs

You like the good things in life when it comes to food and clothes. Because of this, you're always well dressed.

Don't be loud and draw negative attention especially when in public that's the quickest way to irritate a Taurus. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs

Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, responsible, devoted, stable

Pet Peeve: Waking up before their alarm clock goes off. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs