We are visible learners.

We are visible learners. This is an image only but certainly makes learning clear --- is is VISIBLE!

visible learning- research shown as an info graphic on what makes the difference- are we spending our time and energy on the things that matter?

What works in classrooms and why: educational Infographic for Osiris Educational and Visible Learning with John Hattie

John Hattie's 9 Mindframes for Visible Learning Educators

This is "John Hattie's 9 Mindframes for Visible Learning Educators" by Cognition Education on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…

John Hattie Visible Learning - A summary of John Hattie’s research. Slide show.

John Hattie Visible Learning

John Hattie's Influences & Effect Sizes Related to Student Achievement -- Excellent resource for School Improvement Plans

Note where teacher training is, vs. creativity programs, Interventions for LD, stuff they're cutting. Hattie ranking: Influences and effect sizes related to student achievement (Hattie-Rangliste)

Engage Now- Learning Target Walls - teacher heath

Learning Objectives display shows the WHAT of learning (the objectives), the WHY of learning (connection to overall Unit understanding) and the HOW of learning (indicators of success).

The learning pit                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Fill up a whole wall. Have individual students add paper to the wall when growth mindset choices are made.

Visible Thinking, as a learning approach, makes extensive use of thinking routines in class.These routines, according to Visiviblethinkingpz...

Visual To Help You Integrate Visible Thinking Routines in Your Class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The 8 Mindframes of Effective Teachers (video) based on the work of John Hattie, author of Visible Learning.

Learn more about John Hattie's eight mind frames in a great video scribe animation by Cheryl Reynolds. Watch the video.

Click on the picture for free download from TpT.I've been thinking a lot about formative assessments lately.  Formative assessments are all about gathering information from your students - during inst

Metacognition: Helping Students Assess Their Own Learning

CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT: Metacognition - Teaching students to assess their own learning. We have to model this for them!