Vision Therapy is a combination of eye exercises that improve control of ocular muscles and visual processing skills. Our developmental optometrists tailor the exercises to you or your child’s needs and provide personal supervision.

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Activities, tips,and ideas for Occupational Therapy vision therapy and visual perceptual integration skills in children. Parents and teachers of students with low-vision or visual processing difficulties will find many ideas here. Occupational Therapists can use this as a resource in treatment with pediatrics.

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Oculomotor Dysfunction: Why my Child Skips Words, Can’t Cross the Midline, Experiences Double Vision |

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Solving this pencil themed grid maze requires more concentration than you might think. Help children improve visual tracking, visual discrimination, spatial awareness, and visual figure ground skills with this free printable.

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Four apps developed from the Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired provide visual discrimination, tracking, letter formation, and visual figure ground practice. Options for customization of size, contrasts and patterns are provided. All apps are free!. These apps can be appropriate for young and older clients. Check them out on OT's with Apps. Carol

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