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If you are out in midday sun for 15 minutes, eat eggs, fortified milk or omega-3 fatty fish you may not have a deficiency. Check with Dr. #Vitamin_D -Deficiency #Infographic

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Vitamin D Deficiency can have no symptoms and severe consequences, as low Vitamin D levels are associated with health issues and disease.

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Would you believe that the majority of the population, up to 90% of US adults, is believed to have a Vitamin D deficiency?

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Cure deficiency of vitamin D naturally with these natural source of vitamin D. Check out foods high in vitamin d and the reasons for vitamin d deficiency.

What is Vitamin D for ? How to get Vitamin D The Health Benefits of Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin "This chart acts like visual cliff notes for multiple studies on Vitamin D. Did you know that a Vitamin D deficiency can put you at risk for breast cancer

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Here are eight signs or symptoms that you may have a vitamin d deficiency. This is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world. Learn more here:

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Isotonix® Activated B-Complex Contains activated forms of select B vitamins to ensure optimal utilization by the body Helps decrease stress and improve mood Helps maintain healthy levels of serotonin Increases energy.

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Supplements can help address some of the underlying causes of fibromyalgia symptoms and provide more lasting relief from pain, fatigue and discomfort. Supplements can also help correct nutritional deficiencies in your diet, often times resulting in a boost in energy levels and mood.

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19 Medical Tests Every WOMAN Needs | | Hallie Levine and Amanda Gengler | VITAMIN D TEST | Since so many of us (up to 75 percent, a 2009 study suggested) have low levels, it's a good idea to get tested in your 20s when you go in for your physical, advises Marianne Legato, MD, professor emeritus of clinical medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.

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