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How To Run Ubuntu in Windows 7 with VMware Player

VMware Player Final free is an application for creating virtual machines is easy and free. if we are accustomed probably with VirtualBox, VMware

If you want to play with virtual machines. Give the free VMware Player a try! Install Linux for free within your Windows or OSX and play around without even having to reboot your computer.

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Using VMware Player for Linux. VMware Player is VMware’s free virtualization program. VMware Player installs, configures and runs guest operating systems. VMware Player is similar to VMware Workstation, but lacks advanced features such as virtual machine snapshots. Download and install VMware Player from VMware’s website.

Se você está precisando usar o virtualizador da VMware em seu sistema veja nesse tutorial Como instalar a versão mais recente do VMware Player no Linux. Leia o restante do texto Como instalar o VMware Player no Linux from Como instalar o VMware Player no Linux