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Vocabulary Bulletin Board

Vocabulary Bulletin Board - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt "Journeys" Vocabulary in Context Cards 6th Grade - Interchangeable Bulletin Board

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Love the boa as a border! Fancy Nancy can be used to go along with a fancy words wall. Students hear and learn new words every day and having a place for them to bring them back to gets them looking for new words that enhance their vocabulary.

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This board helps my students remember some of the word parts we have highlighted throughout the year. Greek and Latin word parts are the toughest (we put those in the root section), but once they master them, they can continuously add examples (leaves) throughout the year seeing their vocabulary and the tree get thicker and thicker!

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Interactive vocabulary bulletin board - image only. I could totally use this, when kids turn in all their HW in a week or finish all their classwork, they would get a letter, and they can save the letters until they make a word

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I love the visual math wall. We're focusing on academic vocabulary this year, but this is a great way to make sure kids remember what the words mean.

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Synonym Garden- Paint chips can be used for so many things, but it seems that they are most often use to show students about synonyms. This activity encourages students to find synonyms to words and fill up their paint chip. This would be an excellent way to work in new vocabulary for writng time, while allowing students to help fill up the "walls that teach."

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Very cool. This could even be a fun idea to make one or two for a high school/middle school classroom. With vocab or something...not sure. :D

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Math Vocabulary Bulletin Board. Vocabulary is important not only in Language Arts but in every subject. Especially with math when they begin doing word problems and need to be able to identify key words that will help them determine what they need to do.

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