These Frayer Model graphic organizers work well for vocabulary journals. This a modified Frayer model, which asks students to think about a word in several different ways. Higher-level thinking and word ownership are more likely to develop when students spend time doing this activity daily. Students then use their journal of collected words as a resource.

Journal prompts for the entire school year | 275 bell ringers | grades 7-12 | middle & high school

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Vocabulary Journal! This vocabulary journal includes a colorful cover and 20 identical journal pages with room for 2 vocabulary words per page. A modified Frayer Model, the space for each vocabulary word features the following: vocabulary word in the center the definition a picture synonyms/examples antonyms/non-examples a sentence (Priced Item)

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This vocabulary journal is great for any content area. Students write down the word, definition and draw a picture to help them visualize and remember each word.

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