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Le VIX (Volatility Index) est un indice calculé par le Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) qui mesure la volatilité à court terme. Il a été créé en 1993. Il est calculé à partir des volatilités des options d’achat (call) et des options de vente (put)...

The addiction of markets to central banks liquidity injections captured in a chart. Just like an heroin addict, markets are going from blissful states of volatility subdued ( see VIX volatility index in red) and risk assets prices rising, when central banks are printing money (see Fed balance sheet expansion in blue), to painful withdrawals episodes of volatility spikes and asset prices crashing back to reality, when the liquidity injections stop.


India VIX: The Stock Market Volatility Index


Bitcoin Price Hits a Year High After hovering around the $730-$750 mark through most of November bitcoin price rose rapidly as the day began charting significant gains to peak at $774 a high for 2016. Bitcoin to the dollar on the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) struck $751.51 at midnight (UTC) before a quick leap that began at 00:45 saw price climb to $762.13 an hour later at 01:45. Value eased above the $760 mark before another short before another spike saw price scale to $771.03 at 05:35 all…