Many of the rules of basketball have changed or evolved over time, but the basketball hoop height has remained constant since its invention in 1891.

Height Adujstable Badminton Net , Tennis Volleyball Net with Stand / Frame (SFN02 (Lengthen: 400cm)) SoBuy

Volleyball Posts: Regulation size Posts made of 88 mm heavy duty Square Steel tubes P.U. scratch resistant painted/ powder coated. Conform to FIVB Specifications. Easy-to-use Stainless Steel tensioning adjuster and pulley for setting the net to the exact height for competitions. Standard regulation height of 2.55 m above ground with 100 mm Slider type adjustable height of net from 206 to 255 cms for mens, ladies & youths play.

Volleyball Net System for Outdoor Summer Fun PKKJ Imports

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