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Included in this download are 4 posters. Posters include pictures and formulas for volume, lateral surface area and total surface area of a right square pyramid, a right circular cylinder, a right circular cone and a sphere.

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Volume of a cylinder--Phineas and Ferb. Yes!! Score one for me...this is AWESOME! @Torye Parker Fergenbaum

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Geometry Formulas Foldable Volume Surface Area Circumference Graphic Organizer

Geometry Formulas Foldable Volume Surface Area Perimeter Circumference Graphic OrganizerThis is a single page PDF foldable that can be used a reference sheet/study guide for 3D and 2D Geometry formulas.The shapes and formulas included are as follows:3D ShapesRectangular Prism: Volume & Surface AreaCone: Volume & Surface AreaSphere: Volume & Surface AreaCylinder: Volume & Surface AreaCube: Volume & Surface AreaTriangular Prism: Volume & Surface Area2D ShapesParallelogram: ...

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This is a great post for teaching kids how to properly read a graduated cylinder. It has some great tips & looks at common issues when teaching this concept.

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Surface Area & Volume - Surface Area & Volume - Unit 11: Surface Area and Volume of a Castle FREEBIE!This is the FREE Composite Three-Dimensional Figure Activity for a High School Geometry Class.In it students are given a "sand castle" like drawing that is composed of prisms, cones, cylinders, pyramids and a hemisphere.

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FREE! 8th grade students will apply formulas for volume of cylinders, cones and spheres to solve real-world and mathematical problems. Suggestions are given as to how to introduce and relate the volumes of cylinders and cones.

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Connect Four: Volume and Surface Area

Connect Four: Volume and Surface Area for upper elementary or middle school math! Students must solve volume and surface area problems and connect four spaces in a row on their game board. Topics include volume of rectangular prisms, volume of triangular prisms, volume of pyramids, volume of cones, volume of cylinders, and surface area of rectangular prisms.

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Join us on this animated math lesson where we explore the properties of cylinders and work through examples using formulas for finding their volume and surface area. This geometry lesson is aligned with the common core standards and meets the unique needs of visual learners! :)

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