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Volume of a cylinder--Phineas and Ferb. Yes!! Score one for me...this is AWESOME! @Torye Parker Fergenbaum

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Included in this download are 4 posters. Posters include pictures and formulas for volume, lateral surface area and total surface area of a right square pyramid, a right circular cylinder, a right circular cone and a sphere.

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Which container holds more? So many more fun and relevant activities with short video clips at All are listed WITH core standards referenced!

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Comparing Volumes of Cylinders, Spheres, and Cones- In this interactive from Annenberg Learner’s Learning Math, compare the volumes of a cylinder, cone, and sphere that all have the same radius and height. In the accompanying classroom activity, students fill cylinders, spheres, and cones with water in order to compare volumes of shapes with equal height and radius. They use the interactive to further explore the concept.

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Proof that the volume of a cone is 1/3 the volume of a cylinder with the same height and base.

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Volume of cylinders and Cones

This inquiry activity allows students to discover the relationship between the volume of a cone and the volume of a cylinder. After the formula is derived, students are given additional opportunities to apply the formula to realistic scenarios.Please leave feedback on this product and consider following my store as I work to increase my middle school math products.

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Surface Area & Volume of 3-D Figures (FOLDABLE)

This foldable is organized into 5 tabs: Volume of Prisms & Cylinders Volume of Pyramids & Cones Surface Area of Prisms & Cylinders Surface Area of Pyramids & Cones Measurement in 3D FiguresThere are a total of 16 examples throughout the foldable as well as plenty of room for students to write the formulas and make notes about the process for solving.

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