Volume of cylinder formula

FREE! 8th grade students will apply formulas for volume of cylinders, cones and spheres to solve real-world and mathematical problems. Suggestions are given as to how to introduce and relate the volumes of cylinders and cones.

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Volume of a cylinder--Phineas and Ferb. Yes!! Score one for me...this is AWESOME! @Torye Parker Fergenbaum

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This inquiry activity allows students to discover the relationship between the volume of a cone and the volume of a cylinder. After the formula is derived, students are given additional opportunities to apply the formula to realistic scenarios.Please leave feedback on this product and consider following my store as I work to increase my middle school math products.

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Included in this download are 4 posters. Posters include pictures and formulas for volume, lateral surface area and total surface area of a right square pyramid, a right circular cylinder, a right circular cone and a sphere.

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Join us on this animated math lesson where we explore the properties of cylinders and work through examples using formulas for finding their volume and surface area. This geometry lesson is aligned with the common core standards and meets the unique needs of visual learners! :)

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This is a set of 15 volume questions that are intended to be cut out and assembled into a paper chain. Students start at the "Start" link and will by find the next link in the chain by matching the answer to the "Start" link to a chain that has that answer at the top. 8.7A Solve problems involving the volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres. G.11D Apply the formulas for the volume of three-dimensional figures, including prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders, spheres, and composite figures...

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Proof that the volume of a cone is 1/3 the volume of a cylinder with the same height and base.

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Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres Discovery Lab focuses on the similarities and differences between the volume formulas of cylinders, cones, and spheres.

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