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President's Volunteer Service Award Keep track of your kid's service hours here; you can submit them through qualified organizations and get this award.


President's Volunteer Service Award Pin - Bronze Level | Criteria: Kids - 50 to 74 hours; Young Adults - 100 to 174 hours; Adults - 100 to 249 hours; Family & Groups - 200 to 499 hours


Volunteer and service ideas for kiddos ages 2-4. Even littles can help! One of our goals for when we have kids is that they get exposed to volunteering/working with others/helping peeps at a really young age....find their passion(s) earlier on in life!


Lifeline Ministries - Our Formal Ministry is the outgrowth of and an extension of a much longer tradition of volunteer service by members of the Churches of Christ. Volunteers are at the heart of our ministry. Our ministry has been expanded to include a professional staff, accredited formal education in crisis ministry, and other expanded services to meet the non-medical needs. We are supported by individuals and churches who have taken a special interest in our work. Our services are…

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