You'd be in JAIL! Everyone knows she should be in jail. Crazy corruption going on! Vote Trump make politicians accountable for their behavior!

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Yes! Absolutely! Trump has done so many amazing things that most people never hear about. He has my vote!!!!

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So in other words America do us all a favor take your head out of your a** wipe the s*** out of your eyes an open them before it's too late!! Go Trump!!!!

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Pence and his wife Karen (pictured) have stayed together for more than 31 years after they met in church. Vote Trump Pence 2016. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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100 million of his own money to pay for his own campaign. Unlike Hillary he is unbeholden to any special interests... Think about that. No politician has "EVER FUNDED THEIR OWN CAMPAIGN". Tell me again, what his agenda is???

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Actions of Hillary are more dangerous than trumps words. Proven by all those left dead in her path.

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