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Voters Day

from The Huffington Post

President Obama Tells Donald Trump To 'Stop Whining' About Mythical Voter Fraud

I love this guy more and more every day. President Obama Tells Donald Trump To 'Stop Whining' About Mythical Voter Fraud


Trump is urging his supporters to be at polling places on Election Day to challenge (intimidate) voters, particularly in states expected to have close outcomes. Be prepared by knowing what to do. By all means, VOTE!!!


Michael Snyder Issues Urgent Warning Days Before the Upcoming Election


The Video Everyone Is Talking About | Rigging the Election Mass Voter Fraud

from Rolling Stone

What the Trump, Cosby Allegations Reveal About Rape Culture

Only a tea party pig would still vote for Trump.


If she is allowed to manipulate the numbers in these ways on Election Day, there’s no way Trump can win. It’s literally impossible to beat someone like Hillary if she keeps this level of voter fraud going.

from Mad World News

Hillary's Team Trashes Catholics & Christians In Disgusting Leaked Email

The blows to Hillary Clinton just keep coming, thanks to Wikileaks. Among today's batch of newly dumped emails is one that is spreading like wildfire and angering countless citizens across the country. The content is truly disgusting and incredibly disrespectful toward Catholic and Christian voters. Although there are many, this is definitely one at the top of the list of those that Hillary will wish had never seen the light of day.


URGENT: Vladimir Putin Just Issued a Dire Warning for America that Every Voter NEEDS to See!


WikiLeaks -from Brent to Podesta pay to play, her brother's gold mine- The Podesta Emails


Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! Click Here #BB4SP