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Republicans voted 62 times to repeal The ACA since - Jan. 19th 2011. Republicans did not have a replacement then and they do not have a replacement now. More than 70% of consumers can find health plans for $75.00 or less per month. Before the ACA, 45,000 annual deaths were associated with lack of health insurance, according to a study published by the American...

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GUYS. WE ARE UP TO 34,000+!!!!! PLEASE GO VOTE FOR THE PERCY JACKSON TV SHOW. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO VOTE!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!!!! WE CAN DO THIS I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!! PIN EVERYWHERE EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T VOTE! <--- Right nog there are alredy 51,399 people that have signed this petition. Still 23,601 more people needed!

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Why didn't anyone mention we were voting on whether to become an annex of Russian in November?

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Haha! God bless President Elect Trump! #MAGA

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If you voted for this man... look your grandchildren in the eye and tell them why in 2020. #NotMyPesident

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Jeff Sessions, all-around scumbag, now Attorney General??? Time to call your people in D.C. Right now!

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The UNITED STATES gives these SNAKES 8 BILLION A YEAR - to allow Osama to screw over our largest ally in the Middle East.. It was like a feeding frenzy for terrorists to vote against Israel. Screw the United Nations - they are a joke!!!

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I have to admit as much as I like Hillary she did have her problems but it still took a hell of a lot for the right to beat her & they still lost the popular vote.

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First Lady Michelle Obama.

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