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Do your homework...Civil Rights

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vote today | are you voting today i am because i believe in democracy and a ...

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I WILL NEVER BE P.C. !!! The Liberals started it to control of America and take her down so the one world government can take over.

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He is a Republican, the highest ranking and leader of the Republican Party. Don't let them tell you he is not a real Republican. Whatever he was before is irrelevant, now he is the face and policy of the Republican Party. It's ironic that Conservatives don't like change. I guess they better strap them selves in, they just bought a ticket on the wildest ride of their lives.

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Picture: #WomensRights Suffragists c.1911 As true today as then. #history

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We don't need alarm clocks. We ALL have a wake-up call coming, and I hope we survive it.

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How much did the NRA pay for their VOTES TODAY!?

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Joy Reid

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and for my Democratic Senators and Reps to speak up. Not lay down and have the GOP walk all over them.

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