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This game is perfect for helping students learning how to read, especially how to pronounce vowel digraphs. Students use a spinner to select a digraph card and read the next word on the list. I like how student can use other words on the list to help them if they're unfamiliar with their word.


The entire packet can be found here: Descriptor:If you are looking for something fun and easy to practice short and long vowel phonics skills, this is it.

FREE NO PREP Vowel Digraphs Printables - Awesome for reviewing vowel digraphs

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Vowel Digraphs Word Work (Vowel Teams, Vowel Pairs & Diphthongs)

These hands-on activities provide students with fun ways to practice vowel digraphs, vowel teams, and diphthongs. I've used these puzzles, word building mats, and cut and pastes in my small groups and as word work centers for my 2nd graders.


Awesome vowel digraph chart. In this activity, the student can read the letter combination and then use the picture to know how to say the digraph/dipthong correctly according to what they see in the picture. This will give them some visual word association for letter combinations and the sounds they make.


Vowel Pairs/ Vowel Digraphs/ Dipthongs


FREE - vowel team snake game. kids get to read the vowel digraphs and play a game.


PERFECT!! I always knew that when 2 vowels go walking the first one does the talking but I love this poem for helping them remember the sounds of these vowel digraphs!


Freebie Anchor Chart for Vowel Pairs, Vowel Diphthongs, Vowel Digraphs. Great for emergent readers still learning to decode big words.

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Long Vowel Teams Worksheets: Write the Word Pages (This Reading Mama)

Long Vowel Teams Worksheets: Write the Word Pages | | Bloglovin’