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It’s a mystery to many yet an easy problem to fix. Today's #90tips is from our own Techman Joe: How to hold a #Wacom pen.


Wacom Pen Tablet Cursor Really Slow? | Yahoo Answers


Wacom Pen for Bamboo Pen & Touch LP160E

Model/Name:Pen for Bamboo Pen & Touch (Model Vendor Part Built for the Bamboo Pen and Touch pen tablet, this battery-free cordless pen has

Geronimo by Andre Koekemoer. Caricature sketch created using Photoshop and a Wacom Pen Tablet (from a photo of 1907).


The Difference Between A Wacom Pen Tablet and A Mouse - For people unfamiliar with digital art, the concept behind how it’s even done makes little sense but the really key thing that enables it, are wacom tablets. To illustrate this, here are just two examples of what using a pen over a mouse means using continuous brushstrokes. I think of it as: if a mouse is a pistol and a click is a bullet, a wacom pen is Iron Man and using it is like having a salvo of laser-guided fly-by-wire rockets...