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If only all supermarkets looked like this! Waitrose Supermarket, Halkin Street, Belgravia / Westminster, London.


More Smartphones means shops won’t be shops anymore

John Lewis took a leaf out of Tesco's book and used codes in the windows of Waitrose supermarket


'I shop at Waitrose because... I don't like being surrounded by poor people': Jokers hijack 'posh people's supermarket' online PR campaign

Instead of putting an end to its "rich only" reputation, Waitrose supermarket's Twitter campaign led to lampooning

Alcohol section in Waitrose supermarket. - Stock Image

Woman buys quails' eggs from Waitrose, one of them hatches

Rose the young quail emerged from one of a batch of eggs bought from Caterham's Waitrose supermarket last month. Chaldon, Surrey. See SWNS s...


Elvis Presley beats Madonna to album chart record

Britain's Queen Elizabeth looks at products on the shelves at a Waitrose supermarket during a visit to the town of Poundbury, 27 October 2016..

British supermarket Waitrose broke the news that English wines are making a fierce rise in the U.K.'s wine market...