World's longest insect. Could it mean that insects are evolving into dinosaurs... mammals, primates..? Well?

World’s Longest Insect

familly related bug - compared to hand size. Found in Southeast China, 2 feet long. World's longest insect. ANIMALS OF A DIFFERENT.

closeup of stick insect

closeup of stick insect I found one of these as a child and thought it was the baby of the tree. Maybe trees stop walking once they get old. the minds of kids!

Tropidoderus childrenii, os bicho-pau infantil, é uma espécie de inseto-pau nativo da Austrália.

Most phasmids are females, and if a male mate is not readily available , the females have the ability to produce clones, an animal phenomenon called parthenogenesis.

Walking Stick Craft from

Use "nature bugs" in your science class to teach about insects and spiders, in your English class to promote creative writing or technical writing, and in your art class to promote creativity.

A blue stick :) Stunning Macro Pictures of Insects by Wil Mijer

Stunning Macro Pictures of Insects by Wil Mijer

Moss mimic stick insect  (Trychopeplus laciniatus)

rychopeplus laciniatus is also known as the mossy walking stick. It’s body and legs has leaf/lichen like appendages growing out of it. It can be found in Central and South America.

Walking  Stick  | Amazing Stick Insect - Giant Stick Bug Facts, Photos, Information ...

The Goliath stick insect (Eurycnema goliath) is the second largest stick insect (after the Titan stick insect) in Australia

Phasmatidae Species Giant Winged Walking Stick Insect From Malaysia

Phasmatidae Species Giant Winged Walking Stick bug from Malaysia framed display by Butterfly-Designs. A really big bug these giant winged walking stick the Phasmatidae Species are.