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Walter Francis White - son of William Henry Harrison and his slave, Dilsia. He grew up to eventually be a civil rights activist & was pres, of the NCCP from 1931-1955.


Pope Francis Was the Jesse Pinkman to a Marxist Chemist's Walter White | HistoryBuff | The Future of History

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KAGADATO selection. People. **************************************Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now, 1979


The Surprising Story of Walter White and the NAACP


Death of Walter White March 21, 1970 Death of Walter White (61), New York City. Roy Willkins succeeded him as NAACP executive, April 11. Walter Francis White (July 1, 1893 – March 21, 1955) was an American civil rights activist who led the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for almost a quarter of a century and directed a broad program of legal challenges to segregation and disfranchisement. He was also a journalist, novelist, and essayist. He graduated in…

From @dilloncuddles: “Dillon Francis (Tortie | 5mos) & Walter White (Bengal | 5mos) Without them, I’d just be a “crazy lady.” #catsofinstagram

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"...when we no longer remember God, we too become unreal, we too become empty; like the rich man in the Gospel, we no longer have a face!" Pope Francis, International Day for Catechists (Michaelmas Day 9-29-2013),-everything-ends-up-being-about-%E2%80%9Cme%E2%80%9D,-my-own-comfort,-about-having-29139.html Walter White astride the balance of his life (St Michael's weighing his soul)?