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Field Marshal Walter Model, most distinguished tactician of the defensive battle in the German WW2 army. He became a Hitler favorite in 1942. He committed suicide on April 24, 1945 in order to avoid capture and prosecution as war criminal.


WEHRMACHT - 1) Generaloberst Walter Model, 1943 - 2) Generalleutenant Hasso von Manteuffel, 1944 - 3) General der Infanterie Erich von Meinstein, 1942


Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model addressing the "troops", (units of the Hitlerjügend).


The Battle of Hürtgen Forest was the longest battle on German ground during World War II, and is the longest single battle the U.S. Army has ever fought. It was one of the most fierce and bloody battles of World War II. The battle was so costly that it has been described as an Allied "defeat of the first magnitude," with specific credit personally assigned to Nazi Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model's leadership. Walter Model wearing his Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords (Photo via…

Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model (1891-1945) was considered the best German General of WW2. He was a fanatical Nazi and hated by his men. He was completely ruthless and spared no lives in his plans to stabilize the crumbling German armies and everywhere he was told to lead he worked miracles. The loss of the Remagen Bridge signed the death warrant for the German Army in the west and instead of facing war crimes charges, he drove into the woods and shot himself in the head.


Walter Model visiting the Supreme Command of the Hungarian 1st Army. -


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Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck Graphique et décomplexée, ces deux qualificatifs résument la carrière de Walter Van Beirendonck. Né à Brecht en 1957,il obtient son diplôme de la Royal Academy d’Anvers…


Tiger of Walter Scherf (21 February 1917 – 7 April 2003) was a highly decorated Hauptmann der Reserve in the Wehrmacht during World War II.