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WEHRMACHT - 1) Generaloberst Walter Model, 1943 - 2) Generalleutenant Hasso von Manteuffel, 1944 - 3) General der Infanterie Erich von Meinstein, 1942


Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model (1891-1945) was considered the best German General of WW2. He was a fanatical Nazi and hated by his men. He was completely ruthless and spared no lives in his plans to stabilize the crumbling German armies and everywhere he was told to lead he worked miracles. The loss of the Remagen Bridge signed the death warrant for the German Army in the west and instead of facing war crimes charges, he drove into the woods and shot himself in the head.


Generalleutnant Vollrath Lübbe (2.Panzerdivision) and Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model (9.Army) Unternehmen Zitadelle in summer 1943. #Wehrmacht #War #Ww2 #Wwii #WorldWar2 #WorldWar #History #Panzer


Walter Model im Kübelwagen: Germany, 16 October 1944. Generalfeldmarschall Model visits the headquarters of the 246 volksgrenadier division near Aachen.


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