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Harry Potter fans can stir up some magic in the kitchen with this 12 food-safe kitchen spoon! Hand washing is recommended. ~This listing is for 1


Finally Pottermore paid Professor Snape a tribute and posted a fact file about him. Though I really hoped they would reveal his wand wood and core...>> sure his wood is ebony, but Im not entirely sure about the core... My guess is dragon heartstring

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Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

A tutorial to show you how to make an inexpensive Harry Potter wand using chopsticks, glue and everyday objects. A simple project that even young kids will enjoy doing.

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YOUR Magic Wand - BASIC - Custom Made Just For You Solid Wood

My wand is the very first one. 14 inches, Ebony, Unicorn Hair, Unyielding. It is my most prized possession. The others are just for additional spellwork, or a specific use.

Dumbledores wand is made in wood by hand if you wanted more than one can order and once you create will be sent (4-5days) Albus Dumbledore wand