We have a new chart for you: Was and Were – To Be in the past tense We also have this chart about using Was and Were in short answers. You can see more example sentences using Was and Were he…

To Be in the Past Tense - Grammar Rules for English Learners - To Be en el pasado en inglés

Helping verb worksheets for Was,Were

Helping verb worksheets for Was,Were

Bright Advice For The Remarkable People.

I Wish I Were

Subjunctive - Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 2 ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Grammar Meets Conversation: Do, does, did, are, is, was, were (4) - The Animal World

Grammar-based themed worksheet (Animal Knowledge) aimed at practising the use present and past simple questions with do/does/are/is, speaking, listening, asking.

We were open, but now we're closed. #proofreading his took me awhile it was messing up my brain

Here's another Craig Conley special. What punctuation mark can make this sign mean the opposite? If you think you know, give your answer in.


Another grammar worksheet aimed at beginners or weak learners. This is devoted to a very common grammar point: the Past Simple of the verb To Be.