The Painless Way To Wash Walls | All you need is a sturdy large pad mop (this is the one that I use)and your choice of multipurpose cleaner in a spray bottle (a bottle filled with warm soapy water works too). Work top to bottom, left to right, and gently spray the wall down with your cleaner of choice. Apply some pressure and mop the wall. It seems to work best using a side to side motion then work your way down.

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The Painless Way To Wash Walls. This time-saving tip will save you a ton of time AND headache. It's especially helpful if you have tall walls or vaulted ceilings. {}

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The Right Way to Wash Walls in 5 Easy Steps with Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloths #ad #WipeAwayHolidayMess

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Tried this recipe on how to clean walls, and it worked to cut the kitchen grease off the painted walls, leaving the paint alone. Also worked on the sides of the kitchen cabinets around the stove. Did not work on the sides of the stove itself... willneed to look further at this blog!

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My sis­ter Jody, who is the queen of clean is back with another install­ment in the LOST ART OF CLEANING series. This post is all about how to clean walls. It’s not dif­fi­cult if you know the tricks, and Jody shares hers with us. Oh, you are going to LOVE her bril­liant idea of how to use a wash­cloth in place of a swif­fer! She’s a genius! A huge thank you Jody:)

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Cleaning Hack: Homemade version of Magic Eraser | Check out how incredibly easy, cheap, effective - yet gentle enough for those painted walls this recipe really is!

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Life is busy, so I am always on the lookout for ways to save time, money and energy. Today, I have gathered a round up of Cleaning Tips and Tricks that is sure to do just that.

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