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A worker bee on new wax comb. New wax is a lovely off white colour. Over time the honeycombs will turn golden and then dark brown, almost black. Think of it like a white rug that thousands of tiny feet travel over.

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Homemade Wasp Trap with great comments discussion, includes mosquito traps and other flying pest deterrents. Also includes information to prevent bees from being attracted to trap.

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Encourage them, please don't destroy them. A thought worth remembering. This wonderful insect from the bee family as with bees, if destroyed, we won't have vegetables to eat or flowers to enjoy. Remember this the next time you reach for a can of pesticide.

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Mess-bee: Insect shows off ball skills with water that rival striker's

Bee with water droplet by Agus Sudarmanto, Qatar Call A1 Bee Specialists in Bloomfield Hills, MI today at (248) 467-4849 to schedule an appointment if you've got a stinging insect problem around your house or place of business! You can also visit!

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Carpenter Bee. We've got several hanging out in our yard. Can't tell if they're fighting or frolicking with one another.

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♕ Bumblebee on echiops. Bees LOVE this flower! // Great Gardens & Ideas //

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Beginner Queen Rearing---great website with lots of information. Gardening Tips & Lots Of Pictures also Lots of Good Fresh Garden Recipe

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Keep Yellow Jacket Wasps Away

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Top 10 Amazing Photos Of The Beautiful Nature

¿Sabías que las abejas están desapareciendo? La polinización de las flores es vital para nuestra alimentación y para la biodiversidad, pero las abejas encargadas de esta misión peligran. Entre otros factores, mueren por la agricultura industrial y su uso de plaguicidas tóxicos. Seamos conscientes y pongamos nuestro granito de arena.

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