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Watch Big Hero 6

Duuuude! by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt. While watching Big Hero 6, I noticed how similar the characters were to the titans. Like, REAALLLYYY similar

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Just watched Big Hero 6 today... so sad :'( (Lyrics from Immortals by Fall Out Boy)

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Big Hero 6 Movie Family Night Dinner

Plan for a Big Hero 6 Movie and Dinner Family Night complete with free printables for a special Baymax burrito menu. Food names are based on characters from Disney Big Hero 6 movie.

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I watched Big Hero 6 today (finally). I thought she’d be my least favourite character but I actually really liked her u___u…

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I watched Big Hero 6 (it made me SOB btw) and it must have been a different version, because they weren't in it :(

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Aww..... Characters of Big Hero 6 watching "Feast", the Disney short for their movie. How sweet. :)

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Honey Lemon Molecules :: Big Hero 6 Movie Night Dessert

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