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2012-2013 Tv Series You Must Watch!! - a list by edgardoe

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Grimm ..... this is SO true, and we thank Amazon Prime for carrying this show as one of our freebies........we are going to burn out the tv watching this show!

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#Grimm Essentials - Learn the basics of Nick, Juliette, Hank, Captain Renard, Monroe and some of the supporting cast

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Grimm minimalist art ~ <3 the one for the Captain. Renard's backstory fascinates me. Good guy, bad guy, or neither? Reigning royalty or black sheep? I just want to know what his deal is.

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I had never watched an episode of NBC's hit series Grimm, then one boring Sunday afternoon while surfing my Amazon prime, and 4 seasons later...Sasha Roiz, Captain Renard, became my new fall 2014 crush! I'm loving that hexen beast. #fablife

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The Grimm's players Monroe, Capt. Reinard, Wu, Rosalee, Adalind, Juliette and Nick.

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Grimm- truer words were never spoken- some of the monsters on this show will give you nightmares.........great show!

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The KEY --- I'd love to know more about this crazy key...and those coins that people would just die for!

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