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There we go Beast Boy. In the 4 part episode season finally, The End, Robin WAS the person there the whole time for Raven.

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The Original Teen Titans

At least the original TV show actually had a storyline with well developed characters that kids and teens could relate to, unlike the new horrid show that makes you want to hate beast boy and cyborg and has absolutely no depth to any of the characters

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emybunart: Was watching Teen Titans today (the original one), and wanted to draw Raven. Because she was always my favorite character, besides Beast Boy.

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Oh my gosh! When I was watching this episode the other day. I was totally like, "Wth, why is Robin so smiley?"

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Character: Starfire (Koriand'r) / From: DC Comics 'Teen Titans' & 'Starfire' / Cosplayer: Bec's Cosplay Wonderland

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